Louis Mideke 6.25" Plate Black & WhiteStudio Pottery NW Artist Bellingham WA LM8

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This small plate appears at first glance to be just that- but a closer look shows it for what it really is. This plate is full of rustic, earthy details like tiny opulent flecks, diffuse glazing lines, and a soft gloss. Once you turn your eyes to these details, the love and care that went into this piece are obvious. This is a delightful, understated work that will inspire others to take a closer look. Display this subtle piece on a plate stand on your bookshelf, mantle, or desk with pride. 

It is also worth noting that this piece is special because Mideke largely carved or stamped his name in the soft clay on the underside of his works, but with this one he signed in glaze after the initial kiln bake.