Historical Pig War Letter

Historical Pig War Letter

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First of all, this letter belongs in the Smithsonian, but I believe in keeping items in the people's hands. 

This exceptional letter was from the Prime minister of Canada to Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken, the major leader in bringing British Columbia into the Canadian Confederation. 

The Prime Minister was in Washington D.C. attending the Treaty of Washington on behalf of, and part of, the British Delegation. Dr. John Helmcken had undoubtedly sent the Prime Minister a letter letting him know his views, hopes, and dreams that British Columbia would end up with Point Roberts, WA and the San Juan Archipelago, the area that was thrown into dispute when a farmer shot a pig inevitably starting the infamous Pig War between the United States and Great Britain. 

In this letter, the Prime Minister thanks Dr. Helmcken for mentioning Point Roberts and promises to bring up the matter. He also acknowledges Dr. Helmcken's speech on the "San Juan Issue." 

This letter goes to show how hotly contested this territory was, and how close our beloved, pristine, and majestic San Juan Islands were to becoming Canadian Territory, along with Point Roberts. 

Letter is dated March 31st, 1871 from Washington D.C.

Letter and envelope are professionally framed.

Outside frame measurements: 24"x16"