Welcome to Bellingham Coin Shop

About us

Bellingham Coin Shop is a locally-owned small business with heart and soul located in downtown Bellingham a few blocks south of Bellingham High School.  

What can we do for you today?

  • Did you have some coins or bullion that you were hoping to sell or buy?
  • See something in our online catalog, and you want to look at it in person?
  • Need help liquidating part of an estate?

Well it sounds like you're in just the right spot. Please give us a call or send us an email!

Coins, Bullion and Jewelry

We would be delighted to take a look at:

  • Gold and Silver Jewelry,
  • Numismatic Gold and Silver,
  • Gold and Silver Bullion
  • Junk gold and silver

We're also happy to offer free appraisal and consultation on items with no obligation to sell to us.

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Online Store

To reach customers that can't make it into the store right now, please use our website irongate-estate.com to find the best new inventory in our store, it's also a good place to check what inventory has changed since your last visit.

You can also find us on:

  • eBay 
  • Amazon 
  • Craigslist 

Please check out these other online markets as some items are exclusive to one online market place. Happy treasure hunting!