Checking In


WHEW, WHAT A YEAR, FOLKS. Let's all take a deep breath together. 

Breathe in...and out. 

I feel better. Don't you feel better?

How are you? We hope you're well and that any changes came to you with a silver lining. 

Here's how we've been:

  • Busy! The demand for coins and metals has stayed steady. The Estate Sale business has kept us all very active around town, as well. We were thankful to continue to provide this essential service to our community through the darkest times. Thank you for your continued loyalty.
  • We're making big changes. Our Irongate Estate Thrift Shop is undergoing huge changes that will be announced soon. We've also been expanding our online catalog, revamping our eBay listings, and building a NEW coin & bullion website! Don't worry, this site is staying put for antiques and vintage items. 
  • Limited on staff. Thank you all for your seemingly endless patience while we adjust our workload onto the shoulders a smaller number of employees. Rest assured we're still here and ready to help you with the A++ service we pride ourselves on. There may be longer wait times in-store to do business with Nic or Justin- We recommend making an appointment! 
  • We've been learning! One of our employees is new to many of the goings-on in the shop, and is trying her best to help you with whatever you need :) 
  • Ready for Fall. A new season means all sorts of changes for everyone, and we can't wait to celebrate all the joys of Fall with you. We're all going to be spending a lot more time inside with the rain and wind approaching, so come see us if you need a few interesting items to freshen up your home or office! Plus, it's never too early to start shopping for a certain holiday...

Thank you so much for keeping this small business alive and kicking through these crazy times. We love our community, we love coins, and we love YOU. 


The Bellingham Coin Shop & Irongate Estate

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